How do I know if my loan has been approved at Caixa Tem? See the services


With the growing popularity of Caixa Tem, many Brazilians are turning to this application to carry out various financial operations, including loans. However, after applying for a loan, it's natural to want to know whether it has been approved or not. 

How does Caixa Tem work?

Caixa Tem is an application developed by Caixa Econômica Federal that offers a series of financial services digitally, seeking to facilitate access to social benefits and banking services for millions of Brazilians. Here's how Caixa Tem works and some of its main features:

1. Registration

The Caixa Tem registration process is the first step for users to access the services available in the application. Here are more details on how registration works:

Necessary information

During the registration process, the application will ask for various personal information from the user, including full name, CPF, date of birth, cell phone number and e-mail address. This information is essential for identifying and authenticating the user in the system.


The user may also be asked to provide additional documentation to prove their identity, depending on the bank's security policies. This may include sending photos of documents such as ID, driver's license or proof of residence.

Data verification

After entering the required information, the user may need to go through a data verification process to ensure the authenticity of the information provided. This may involve sending verification codes by SMS or email, as well as using facial recognition or biometric technologies to validate the user's identity.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Before completing registration, the user is usually asked to read and accept the application's terms and conditions of use, as well as the bank's privacy policy. These documents provide important information about the user's rights and responsibilities when using Caixa Tem.

Login and password creation

Once registration is complete, the user must create a login and password that will be used to access the application later. It is important to choose a strong and unique password to protect personal and financial information from unauthorized access.

Account activation

Once the registration has been successfully completed, the user's Caixa Tem account is activated and they can start using the services available in the application. In some cases, it may be necessary to wait for the bank to approve the registration before being able to access all the application's features.

2. Access and Authentication

After registering, the user can access Caixa Tem using a previously created login and password. In addition, the application also offers the option of biometric authentication, using facial recognition or fingerprints to guarantee the security of transactions.

3. Social Benefits

Caixa Tem plays a key role in distributing the Brazilian government's social benefits, providing a digital platform for citizens to access and manage these benefits conveniently and securely.

Emergency aid

During periods of economic crisis or emergencies, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the Brazilian government has implemented Emergency Aid to provide financial assistance to millions of Brazilians in vulnerable situations. Caixa Tem is used as the main channel for paying this benefit, allowing beneficiaries to receive the amounts directly into their accounts on the app.

Bolsa Família

Bolsa Família is a cash transfer program aimed at families living in poverty or extreme poverty. Bolsa Família beneficiaries can also receive payments directly into their Caixa Tem accounts, facilitating access to funds and eliminating the need to travel to bank branches.

Unemployment insurance

Unemployment Insurance is a benefit granted to workers dismissed without just cause, with the aim of guaranteeing a temporary income during the period of unemployment. Unemployment Insurance payments can also be made through Caixa Tem, providing beneficiaries with more convenience and agility.

Other social programs

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, Caixa Tem is also used to distribute other government social programs, such as the Federal Government's Income Transfer Program (PAT) and the Continuous Cash Benefit (BPC), among others. These programs aim to provide financial assistance to specific groups of the population who are in a situation of social vulnerability.

Ease of access and management

One of the main advantages of using Caixa Tem to receive social benefits is the ease of access and management of resources. Beneficiaries can check their available balance, view their payment history, make transfers to other accounts and pay bills directly through the app, without having to go to a bank branch.

Safety and practicality

Caixa Tem uses advanced security technologies to protect users' personal and financial information, ensuring that payments and transactions are carried out safely and reliably. In addition, the convenience of being able to access and manage social benefits via cell phone contributes to financial inclusion and facilitates the daily lives of Brazilian citizens.

4. Payments and Transfers

The payments and transfers feature in Caixa Tem offers users a convenient and secure way to carry out financial transactions directly through the app. 

Payment of bills and slips

One of Caixa Tem's main features is the possibility of paying bills and boletos directly through the app. Users can scan the boleto's barcode or manually enter the information on the bill to be paid, making it easier to pay water, electricity and telephone bills, among others.

Payment of utility bills

In addition to ordinary bills, Caixa Tem also allows the payment of public service invoices, such as transport fares, tolls, cell phone recharges and other government services, making it easier and quicker to pay off these commitments.

Transfers between cash accounts

Caixa Tem users can transfer money between their own Caixa Econômica Federal accounts, whether between current accounts, savings accounts or digital accounts linked to the app. This functionality allows users to move their money easily, without the need to use other means of payment.

Transfers to other financial institutions

In addition to transfers between Caixa accounts, Caixa Tem also offers the option of making transfers to accounts at other financial institutions. Users can register accounts at different banks and send money to friends, family or make payments at establishments that are not Caixa customers.

5. Loans and Credits

The loans and credits feature in Caixa Tem offers users the possibility of applying for and managing various types of loans directly through the app.

Types of loans available

Caixa Tem offers different types of loans and credit lines to meet users' needs. This can include personal loans, payroll loans, loans for individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEIs), financing for the purchase of goods, among others.

Application process

Users interested in obtaining a loan through Caixa Tem can start the application process directly through the app. This usually involves filling in a form with personal information such as name, CPF, income, employment and other relevant financial information.

Credit analysis

Once the application has been submitted, the bank carries out a credit analysis to assess the user's ability to pay and eligibility for the loan. This may include checking your credit history, monthly income, income commitment and other financial information.

6. Balance and Statement Enquiry

Users can check the available balance in their Caixa Tem accounts at any time, as well as view a statement of transactions made, including deposits, withdrawals, transfers and payments.

7. Investment

Caixa Tem also offers investment options, such as buying capitalization bonds and joining investment programs offered by Caixa Econômica Federal.

8. Customer support

The application provides customer support channels where users can ask questions, report problems or obtain additional information about the services offered by Caixa Tem.

How do I know if my loan has been approved at Caixa Tem?

Faced with the increasing digitalization of banking services, the Caixa Tem app has become an indispensable tool for millions of Brazilians. Among the many features offered by the app is the possibility of applying for loans quickly and conveniently. However, after submitting the application, many users are anxious to know whether or not the loan has been approved.

1. Access the Caixa Tem application

The first step in checking whether your loan has been approved is to access the Caixa Tem app on your mobile device. Make sure you have the latest version of the app installed to ensure you have access to all the latest features.

2. Check the status of your loan

Inside the Caixa Tem app, go to the loans or credits section. Depending on the most recent update of the app, this section may have a slightly different name, but it's usually easy to find on the home page or in the main menu.

3. Consult your transaction history

As well as checking the specific loans section, you can also consult the transaction history of your Caixa Tem. Look for any entries relating to recent loans or financial movements that might indicate whether or not your loan has been approved.

4. Receive notifications

Caixa Tem usually sends notifications to inform you of the status of transactions and services. Make sure that the app's notifications are activated on your device so that you are informed immediately if your loan is approved.

5. Contact support

If you still have questions about the status of your loan, you can also contact Caixa Tem's customer support. There is usually an option within the application itself to contact the support team, either via chat, email or telephone.

Can anyone with a Caixa savings account take out a loan?

Yes, those who have a savings account with Caixa Econômica Federal can take out loans, depending on the policies and conditions established by the bank. Caixa offers different types of loans, and eligibility to apply for a loan can vary according to the client's financial profile, credit history and other factors determined by the bank.

The savings account at Caixa serves as the basis for the financial relationship between the client and the bank. It shows that the individual already has a link with the institution and can be used as collateral for some types of loans. However, it is important to note that having a savings account does not automatically guarantee approval for a loan.

When applying for a loan, the Caixa customer will be subjected to a credit analysis, in which the bank will evaluate various aspects, such as payment capacity, credit history, income and other relevant financial information. Based on this analysis, Caixa will decide whether or not to grant the loan and what the amount and conditions of the loan will be.

Therefore, having a savings account at Caixa can be a facilitator for obtaining loans, but it is not a guarantee of approval. It is essential that customers check the bank's specific policies and find out about the conditions and requirements needed to apply for a loan. In addition, it is advisable to maintain good financial health and be aware of the responsibilities associated with paying back the loan to avoid future problems.

Plan your finances

Knowing if your loan has been approved on Caixa Tem is essential for planning your finances and making informed decisions. Fortunately, the app offers several ways to check the status of your loan, from consulting it directly in the loans section to checking your transaction history and receiving notifications. 

Use these services to track the progress of your loan and stay on top of important financial information.

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April 3rd, 2024